Regenerative Agriculture Impact Investing - Rachel Ashton Lim from Silverstrand.Capital

Regenerative Agriculture Impact Investing - Rachel Ashton Lim from Silverstrand.Capital

Interseed Team
Interseed Team

Say hello to the awe-inspiring Rachel Lim from Silverstrand Capital who guided us through the wonderful scene of regenerative agriculture and nature based solutions!

Let's go on a virtual trip from Bhutan to Australia as we uncover what the regenerative agriculture has been doing to create  impact for the environment and the farmers involved.

Thank you Lihong and Irsyad for your hard work!

What is Silverstrand Capital?

Silverstrand Capital is a Singapore-based impact investor focusing on regenerative agriculture as well as other nature based solutions. They aim to catalyse systems change in the world’s food and agricultural sectors and turn existing extractive, ecologically-destructive practices into regenerative ones.

Introducing Silverstrand Capital
What is the Perennial Fund?

There has been great innovation at the structure side of finance that aims to help farms transition into sustainability. Basically, the fund is a revenue sharing model that focuses on helping farmers pay back loans, getting technical assistance on top of that, and also giving them communal support that is usually under-looked.

Climate Depression and Burnout? How are you dealing with it

Here are some great self care tips that Rachel has learnt:

  • acknowledge that progress has been made
  • the importance of just putting her head down to focus on work
  • recognizing that she isnt going to help anyone if she doesnt take care of herself
  • placing herself in a community of people that cares

Check out the episode! Again, thank you Lihong and Irsyad for your hard work!Need more? You can listen to the podcast over at Spotify and check out Silverstrand Capital!

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